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Can you start with why you started Women in Business Seminar?

I started Women in Business Seminar because I saw a need for real-life examples and stories of successful women entrepreneurs. As a journalist turned communications professional, I realised that my background in storytelling could be a powerful tool to inspire and educate other women on their entrepreneurial journeys. I was also looking to be inspired as an entrepreneur myself, who didn’t have a blueprint to follow and I realised other women needed the same thing.


That’s a great way to leverage your skills. How has your career as a journalist influenced your work in communications and your approach to the seminars?

Journalism taught me the importance of storytelling, and as a communications professional, I’ve used those skills to amplify the stories of women in business. It’s about creating narratives that resonate and inspire. I believe in the power of stories to connect and motivate people, which is at the core of this concept.


You’ve reworked Women in Business Seminar. Can you tell us about your plans for this new instalment, especially how you aim to incorporate the voices of corporate go-getters?

We’re expanding our focus to include the experiences of corporate women navigating the business world. We want to shed light on the unique challenges they face and the lessons they’ve learned. It’s about inclusivity and recognising that success in business can take many forms. We want to empower both entrepreneurs and corporate professionals.


Representation is crucial. How do you see the power of representation playing a role in your work?

Representation is everything. When women, especially African women, see themselves in the powerful women we profile, it becomes easier to believe in their own potential. We’re showcasing a diverse range of successful women, and I believe this visibility can inspire others to pursue their dreams.


What about your new business, Can you tell us more about it and how it connects with your mission of promoting gender equity? is a women’s sportswear brand aimed at promoting confidence among women of all shapes and sizes. It’s an extension of my advocacy for gender equity and body positivity. I want women to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, and this brand is a step towards that goal.


Lastly, you’ve discussed some tough topics in your seminars. Can you elaborate on the importance of addressing these tough conversations head-on, particularly as African women?

African women face unique challenges in the business world, and it’s essential to have open and honest conversations about these issues. We tackle topics like gender bias, access to funding, and work-life balance. By addressing these challenges head-on, we can work towards solutions and empower women to not only overcome but inspire collective change in the spaces we occupy.

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