July 1, 2017

Conny Phaswana

A young transformational leader and a very self – actualized individual, with many talents! A speaker who empowers her audience with models and tools they can immediately apply in their businesses, lives, studies, and careers to unlock their potentials to become the best people they are and can be. I work for the Innovation Hub which is a Science Park focusing on establishing small
businesses by providing them with business support services. I am also the founder of The Wealth of Knowledge; a training and consulting company. I am about transformation and change, about people, who they are? What their purpose is? What they were born for or born to do? As a certified Neuro Linguistics Practitioner – NLP (Neuro-semantics) and Life Coach (specializing on Meta-States), I provide Life/Personal/Executive Meta Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic and Semantics Training. I speak on Transformation/Change, Leadership, Growth (Individual and Business) and Career, Business development. I have worked for different agencies supporting small businesses such Gauteng Manufacturing Advisory Council (GauMac) and Gauteng Enterprise Propeller. Having been in the SMME’s space for over 12 years I have seen, observed and learned a lot about entrepreneurship and its struggles. I still work with and consults with different Government Institutions and Corp orates such as; Standard Bank, SEDA, NYDA, to name a few. I have completed and accredited on the following; Certificates & Accreditation Master Practitioner Neuro Semantics (International Society of Neuro Semantics) Performance Coaching, The Art of Communication (Coaching Essentials), Personal Mastery / Self Leadership (Coaching Genius),
Self- Actualization Psychology B-Tech Degree in Public Relations specializing in Communication Science Diploma in Project Management Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship