What Africa Day means to me as an African female entrepreneur

25 May 2016, Johannesburg: As an African female entrepreneur, Africa Day makes me think of what kind of Africa I would love to leave behind. I can’t help but look back on what Africa has managed to accomplish despite the various challenges and burdens.

I dream of the day when our continent will be connected by the opportunities that it has to offer, and we will be brought together by the challenges that we are yet to overcome. The idea to start Women in Business Seminar 2016 was brought on mainly by this very reason, as I strongly believe that it is only Africa’s children that will be able to solve her problems.

How do we eradicate poverty, how do we ensure clean drinking water and facilities to promote our economies. How do we create wealth in our communities? It is only through collaborations brought on by events such as these that Africa’s female entrepreneurs can meet together under one roof to focus on what the challenges and solutions are.

If we do not meet, if we do not hear about each other’s journey’s, how then will be able to strategies and develop plans that if implemented with purpose, passion and great leadership can change the trajectory of our continents journey. Let us take a moment to think about how accomplished entrepreneurs and funders can connect the dots for the African female entrepreneur who sends her 4 children to school selling fish on a street corner in Maputo, or a bead maker from the Highveld of KwaZulu-Natal.

How do we empower the women business owner whose business is only seconds from thriving – just as soon as she hears the reassuring words of her peer who walked and overcame the same journey.

Inspiration breeds inspiration, and it is only when we are inspired that we can dare to think beyond the limits of our reality to create new possibilities.

What Africa day means to me as a female entrepreneur is that I am allowed to refuse to be captive of the environment in which I first find myself? What does Africa Day mean to you?

Written by Karabo Keepile

Managing Director of Nasedi Media & Communications and event organisers of Women in Business Seminar 2016. Women in Business Seminar 2016 will take place at Emoyeni Estate in Parktown Johannesburg from 8-1pm. Confirmed speakers at Women in Business Seminar 2016 include Olatorera Oniru, Doreen Katzen, Melanie Nel and Katleho Tsoku and Donna Rachelson.

Make sure you secure your tickets to attend, email info@nasedimedia.com or call +27 10 593 0595. Tickets cost R2000.

For more information on Women in Business Seminar 2016 visit www.wibs.org.za


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