From employed to self-employed

Businesswoman: Kamogelo Arusha Seekoei

Position: Founder and Editor

Business: Ignited Woman Mag, online based magazine and can be accessed via

Tell us about your business? I launched the magazine in February 2019. We Are a bi-monthly publication therefore published every two months. I created the magazine to inspire women. Our tagline is Level up and this is just what we want women to do. To realize they’re power and to level up.

What do you wish you knew before you started the magazine? Every day is a challenge, let alone being a woman in business. Being in business is hard. I think for me the challenge has been the transition from being employed to self-employed and former clients not realising that. We are in business to make money, but I was previously not on the money-making side of things as an employee, so asking for money is a definite change. Not having a steady income has been the hardest. I was a manager already in my previous job so managing projects and schedules on my own has not been a difficult thing, but it has of course been different because of the level of resources I have. Totally different from working in a big company.

How has the transition been? My business is essentially still new, so the challenges are many and I’m also learning to navigate them. Having a mentor helps because I’m able to bounce ideas past her and she helps me to navigate the terrain. Speaking to other people in business also helps because you learn that the struggles are not unique and knowing that makes things better immediately.

What does Women’s Month mean to you? For me it’s reflection time. It’s a time to truly look at the gains that women have made, and to chart an even better future.

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