Creating a vision board for your business in 2019

Modern business owners the world over are choosing to visualise the success they dream of for their businesses through the use of a vision board. A vision board, also referred to as a dream board makes use of images and words to conjure up the visual representation of important concepts or goals you would like to manifest in the physical. Vision boards help you “see” your success and achieve a clear picture of where you want to go.

Does it work?

“Yes, without a doubt”, says Karabo Keepile, Managing Director of Nasedi Media & Communications – the event organisers of Women in Business Seminar. “Visualisation can enhance your ability to stay motivated and guide you on the right track to success, even when the going gets tough.”

How to make a vision board?

1.      Create a clear focus

Are you looking to diversify your business offering, illustrate your company values or company goals? Decide on your focus.

2.      Invite collaborators

Do you plan to create this vision board alone? Perhaps there may be value in including your entire staff or management team.

3.      Get dirty

You will need some magazines with good images, a few markers, scissors, tape or glue and depending on just how fancy you intend to be, some art supplies.

4.      Make time

Give yourself and your team atleast an hour to complete this task. Set aside time in your diary and really engage with the process.

5.      Set a goal

Decide on your intended outcome and find a way to measure whether you were successful.

6.      Be open

You may feel a little silly at first cutting out images and pasting them, but have fun and relax – simply enjoy the process.

7.      Get creative

Now it’s time to really have fun. Look for images that resonate with you. Add words, quotes and phrases to bring clarity. Post the words and images to your board in a way that makes sense to you and connect the goals or ideas you want to visualise.

8.      Reflect

If you are creating the vision board as a group, make time at the end to discuss what’s on your board. Also make sure to post your board somewhere where you will constantly be reminded about where you are heading.

“Just like your mission and statement. Your company vision board will be most useful where you are able to see and reflect on it regularly,” says Keepile. “Make a habit of reflecting on the images and ideas and see yourself and your company moving closer to those goals.”


Nasedi Media & Communications hosts several women in business sessions tailor made for female business owners looking to learn, share and network. “We aim to give female entrepreneurs the additional tools they need to grow and sustain their businesses through the organisation of such events,” says Karabo keepile, Managing Director of Nasedi Media, and event organisers of Women in Business.

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