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Women in Business Seminar is a networking and learning platform for female entrepreneurs

Leadership and Management Skills

Strategies for developing effective leadership skills, managing teams, and navigating challenges in the business world.


Guidance and inspiration for women interested in starting their own businesses, including insights on funding, business planning, marketing, and scaling up.

Personal Branding

Tips for climbing the corporate ladder, negotiating promotions and salary raises, and overcoming gender-related biases or barriers in the workplace

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Join us virtually or in-person for our networking and learning sessions. Please keep an eye out here to find out when we will meet next

About WIBS

Women in Business Seminar

We put a face to female entrepreneurs in South Africa and connect these business women to each other and opportunities which will ultimately positively impact their businesses as well as their communities.

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Becoming a member of Women in Business Seminar can provide numerous benefits that can positively impact your professional growth and development. Here are some potential benefits of joining our community:

Networking Opportunities

Being a member gives you access to a network of like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry experts. This provides valuable opportunities to expand your professional network, make connections, and build relationships with influential individuals in your field.

Knowledge and Skills Enhancement

Our seminars offer exclusive educational resources such as workshops, training sessions, and expert-led discussions. As a member, you can take advantage of these opportunities to enhance your knowledge and skills in areas such as leadership, entrepreneurship, career advancement, and personal branding

Professional visibilities and Opportunities

Women in Business Seminar provides platforms for members to showcase their expertise and accomplishments. This visibility can lead to potential speaking engagements, collaboration opportunities, partnerships, or even job offers, thereby expanding your professional horizons.


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    One of the things that impressed me the most was their ability to handle any unexpected challenges that arose during the event. They were quick on their feet, finding solutions and ensuring that everything ran smoothly. Their calm and composed approach helped alleviate any stress or concerns I had, allowing me to fully enjoy the event.



      Attention to detail was impeccable. From the stunning decorations to the seamless flow of the program, every aspect was carefully thought out and executed flawlessly. The event company’s dedication to excellence was evident in every small touch, making the overall experience truly remarkable.



        The team at this event company was highly professional, organized, and attentive to every detail. They took the time to understand my vision and goals for the event and then worked tirelessly to bring it to life. Their creative ideas and expertise in event planning were evident throughout the entire process.

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